A Presentation, Simple But Difficult

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

 A  presentation is a performance.

 It is the same as an athlete playing in a crucial game or a musician with a chance to play for an impòrtant audience. In these cases, the performers may have prepared and waited for years  The time finally comes to act. Will they do their best?

For all of us, it is important to do our best when our critical time arrives. 

The question is how do we get ready to perform when the pressure is really on?

 Some get up to the point and then falter. Their nerves get the best of them. 

Others act with confidence and grace. We all have seen these great performances. 

Maybe they have put in years of work and preparation.

However, with important presentations, we usually don’t have that much time to prepare.  

The time spent, then, is even more precious. 

Hard, intense work is necessary.

The first part is mental: knowing exactly what we want to say and who the audience is. To me, this is the hardest work. After this, everything falls in place. 

Once you know what to say, you can make the slides and write a script or outline. 

Then comes practice, practice, and practice. Have someone who can observe you and make suggestions.

Come to the performance with a good night’s sleep, rested and confident. 

Take a deep breath and get out there and do your best. 

There it is. It is simple. But it is also difficult.  

Published by pitman

I am a Business English Coach who works with managers and other professionals helping them to perform at their best when it is most important: such as a presentation, meeting with an important client, or a job interview. I am also a resource person for teachers of Business English.

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