Larry Pitman is an American who lives in Lima, Peru. He works as a Coach to help managers perform better when it matters most: an important presentation, a job interview, attending a meeting, making a proposal and so on. Highly experienced in business and professionally trained as an English teacher, Larry blends the two areas in an unique combination.

In Lima he has worked for many years as a Professor of Business English at Universidad del Pacifico and as a consultant to the Superintendencia de Bancos,Seguros y AFP, the Peruvian Government agency responsible for supervising banks, insurance companies and the pension plan.Thus he has lots of experience with clients in the financial sector.

Other clients include Citi Bank, Price Waterhouse, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Merck, Vulcan,Thompson-Reuters, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Tourism, among others.

Larry has written several books including Managing in English and Larry’s Business English.

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