Who are you? And What do you want?

Larry Pitman

More and more we have to state clearly what we want and why we should get it.

It could be a resume, a portfolio,  a statement of purpose, or an offering of a skill on a freelance website. 

These documents are important, but not for the reason that most people think.  

They are instruments of deep reflection. Or should be in my opinion. They represent some hard thinking about what we have to offer.

 What skills do we have that others will value?

 What products or services do we want to provide?

 More than that, it is a close examination of what we want out of life. 

The language we use needs to be short, clear, and direct.

 Often we are told that it cannot be more than one page or one paragraph or even one sentence. 

Sounds like hard work and it is. 

Too few of us do it propèrly.

There is no magic formula and no guru to tell you what to do. 

You can take the easy way out and do whatever comes along. 

To have a good life, though, we need to connect with something that matters

The world of work is changing rapidly  and we all need to answer the questions:

Who are we? 

What do we want?

Published by pitman

I am a Business English Coach who works with managers and other professionals helping them to perform at their best when it is most important: such as a presentation, meeting with an important client, or a job interview. I am also a resource person for teachers of Business English.

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