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For Managers and Others whose First Language is not English


Larry Pitman

This Website is for Managers who work in an English speaking environment even though that is not their first language. Consider the following:

  • How can you be a good team leader?
  • How can you attract great people to work for you?
  • How can you advance your career?
  • How can you understand what is going on around you and respond appropriately?

When you think about it, all of the above, and much more, depends on being a communicator.And this usually means being a good communicator in English. My purpose is to help you succeed in this challenging environment. Based on my experience as a manager, consultant and teacher, I have tried to anticipate some of the challenges you may encounter. In addition, I am available as a consultant for managers, teachers of Business English and organizations.

Good ideas need to be used. So if you come across a good idea here, please use it.

Larry J. Pitman